El Gaucho

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El Gaucho Sinopsis:

El Gaucho is a documentary film that explores the traditional culture of Argentina. The film follows the quiet Andrés Retamal, a cowboy and horse-breaker which enjoys cult status in the Argentinian Patagonia. Part Road Movie, part ethnology study about the countryside life and part a sport film about the horse-breaking contests in the area. The film follows the first voyage of discovery of Gaby, Andres' five years old son, that is about to witness the silence of the Patagonia, a stark contrast to urban life. The director of El Gaucho, Andrés Jarrach, tries to answer many questions about the reality of a nomadic lifestyle in a breathtaking scenery.

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Ficha Técnica:

Director: Andrés Jarach
Year: 2009
Country: Argentina
Run Time: 87'
Aspect Ratio: